The Land Rover DPV is a variant of the Land Rover Defender series. It is a drivable and scripted vehicle that has appeared in Conflict: Desert Storm II: Back To Baghdad.


Conflict: Desert Storm II: Back To Baghdad:

  • Breakthrough (1 drivable, 2 scripted)
  • Street Battle (2 scripted only)
  • Besieged (2 scripted only)
  • Victor Two (drivable)
  • Communications Breakdown (drivable)

Armament/Crew positionsEdit

  • Driver
  • Mk-19 gunner
  • M2 gunner
  • Rear facing dismount

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first vehicle in the Conflict Series to allow the dismount in the open seat to be armed.
  • The Land Rovers in the end of Besieged appear to have TOW missile launchers instead of Mk-19s.

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