General Aziz is the Supreme Commander of the Iraqi Army in Conflict: Desert Storm.


General Aziz is introduced as the Supreme Commander of the Iraqi Army at the beginning of Mission 14. While the Iraqi Army is in full retreat, General Aziz is unwilling to surrender and end the war so John Bradley, Paul Foley, Mick Connors and David Jones are sent to kill him. They locate him inside of an old 13th century Crusader fort 50 miles north of Baghdad that General Aziz has made into his base with his heavily fortified command bunker in the middle. The squad infiltrates the fort through the sewers, kills the infantry inside and destroys the tanks and SAM emplacements protecting the base. Without the SAM emplacements, the fort is left defenseless and the squad calls in an air strike on General Aziz's bunker. With air raid sirens wailing, General Aziz emerges from his bunker to make a run for it, only to be shot dead by the squad as he tries to flee. Moments later, his bunker is destroyed by a Stealth Fighter armed with G-28 "Bunker Buster" bombs. With General Aziz dead and unable to rally the Iraqi Army for a counterattack, the Iraqi Army surrenders unconditionally, ending the war.