Conflict Sherman

Corporal Carrie Sherman (Born on June 8, 1979) is one of the main characters in Conflict: Global Storm. Her primary duty is the squad Markswoman and a sniper for Red team, and a replacement for Paul Foley.


Carrie Sherman has formally served on the goverment S.W.A.T. teams and as a sniper instructor for some time. Her skills allowed her to move on to join speical anti-terrorist teams, a large step considering her gender.

Following the capture of Red team's sniper Paul Foley, she was reassigned to Red team. Though the others were initially wary of her replacing their long time friend, she proved to be a skilled team mate and earned their trust. During the year 2008, she took role in several major operations to prevent terrorist organizations from aquiring chemical and even nuclear weapons.


Carrie Sherman stands 5'7" and is built slim and athletically. She is a Caucasian with long brown hair worn in a ponytail.


Carrie Sherman is shown to be similar to Foley in many regards. She is thoughtful and has a eye for detail, often pointing out things and connections the rest of Red team misses. She is somewhat playful, occasionally mocking the enemy or taking a jab at Mick Connors. Unlike Paul Foley, she sometimes curses in combat.


Being a replacement for Paul Foley, Sherman is skilled with a variety of sniper rifles. But unlike Foley, who relied on pistols for close combat, Sherman is very skilled with sub-machine guns, making her more useful to the team.

Sniper rifles:

  • DSR-1
  • M99
  • XM8 (Sniper rifle)

Submachine guns:

  • MAC-10


  • She is the only female playable character in the series.


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